“Transpersonal Breathwork is one of the most profound experiences I’ve ever had.  It opened the doorways I had been trying to open for years with psychedelics and yoga.  After years of exploration, I found what I was looking for while comfortably lying on a mat, simply breathing and listening to a carefully selected piece of music. Its immediacy, its depth, and its simplicity make the experience all the more profound.

For me, it proves once and for all that, with the right guidance and intention, the fundamental rhythm of our lives- our breath- is all that we need to connect to the deepest elements of the cosmos.  I try to hearken back to those experiences on a daily basis.

The lessons that I learned during my Breathwork session with Joe will continually revitalize my sense of wonder and well-being for years to come. While each person’s experience is their own, I would encourage anybody interested in alternative mind states to try Transpersonal Breathwork.”


“My experience with Joe and the Transpersonal Breathwork workshop was incredible. Joe provided a very detailed explanation of what to expect during the process and was wonderfully supportive throughout. I had done various breathwork exercises before, but this one was on a whole different level. It was an amazing internal journey that provided insight to past and present issues I face, and Joe created a safe space for discussion afterwards. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone seeking self-improvement.”

“I’ve sat through a couple breathwork sessions with Joe, and can tell you what you accomplish in a few short hours is more healing and therapeutic than years of therapy. Joe has such a kind and compassionate energy, and holds a loving and safe space for you to journey into your inner psyche. Breathwork is not a medicine ceremony, but can be just as powerful as one. Since this opens the door for the not so pleasant side of the journey, it is important to have an educated, skilled, and caring facilitator to help guide you and keep you safe during the release. Joe is all of that. I couldn’t imagine participating in breathwork without Joe as the facilitator.”

“I recently participated in my first Transpersonal Breathwork experience with Joe Moore.  It was the most amazing and positive experience I have ever had!  I received a great deal of stress release through the amazing music and breathwork.  Where I felt boxed in and pictured squares before the experience, I came out with circular, infinite fluidity.  I can hardly wait for the next gathering!”


Breathwork is by far the most powerful healing tool I have come across, and Joe is such a great facilitator in that he makes you feel really comfortable and gives you plenty of time to process everything that happened. Looking forward to the next workshop.

“Joe’s workshop was an amazing experience. He poured much love and compassion into cultivating a healing space. In the morning I walked into a room almost full of complete strangers and left in the same evening feeling like I had a new family. It was an experience I will never forget and I can’t wait to do it again.”


I experienced my first Breathwork Workshop with Joe and I was blown away by the powerful experience that I had. I wasn’t sure quite what to expect and felt somewhat cautious going in. I had tried breathwork before, but not in a setting like this. I felt safe and Joe effectively explained the process so I knew what to expect. He spent a lot of time connecting to each person in the group and created a safe and healing environment. Being an intuitive healer, I am very cautious about who I let work with me, and Joe did an amazing job of making me feel confident in him and in the process. My senses are very kinesthetic and I had an incredible journey lasting about 3 hours, even though it felt like 30 minutes! I experienced many new sensations and energetic releases. I cant really put into words how healing this workshop was for me, but I highly recommend trying breathwork! – Andrea

Joe Moore - Transpersonal Breathwork