Transpersonal Breathwork

A modern practice for self-discovery, development, and exploration.

It combines accelerated breathing, evocative music, bodywork, expressive drawing, and group process in a safe and supportive environment.

These elements combined with effort on the participant’s part allow engagement in an adventure of self-discovery accompanied by meaningful experiences both before, during and after the breathwork session itself.

Transpersonal Breathwork

What to Expect

Participants can re-experience events from their past and the process of birth, as well as the potential apprehension of events in the cosmos and of what Carl Jung calls Archetypes (i.e. hero, healer, mother, creator, rebel, warrior). They can experience new deepness to the feelings of love, trust, and safety. They could also gain new helpful perspectives on their own suffering and that of others. Participants can expect the unexpected.


My experience with Joe and the Transpersonal Breathwork workshop was incredible. Joe provided a very detailed explanation of what to expect during the process and was wonderfully supportive throughout. I had done various breathwork exercises before, but this one was on a whole different level. It was an amazing internal journey that provided insight to past and present issues I face, and Joe created a safe space for discussion afterwards. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone seeking self-improvement.

Joe’s workshop was an amazing experience. He poured much love and compassion into cultivating a healing space. In the morning I walked into a room almost full of complete strangers and left in the same evening feeling like I had a new family. It was an experience I will never forget and I can’t wait to do it again.

Joe Moore - Transpersonal Breathwork


Transpersonal Breathwork in Breckenridge, CO